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Cheesecake Cutting


Why does my cheesecake stick to the knife when cutting?

Because of the moist properties of baked cheesecakes, they are best sliced frozen for clean cuts. Cheesecake is one of the trickiest desserts to cut into and pull out a picture-perfect piece. Cakes and pies present their own challenges, of course, but cheesecakes present many challenges.


They are dense and creamy, with a very moist/wet interior that loves to stick to knives and come away from the rest of the cheesecake in unattractive chunks.

We recommend getting mini cakes where you can just dig in. Otherwise, we suggest chilled cheesecakes or layered cake with cheese frosting. 


Is there a way we can get clean cut cheesecake without freezing the cake?

Fortunately, if you take a few seconds to do a little bit of prep work, you will get those perfect slices every time. First, you need a knife that has a straight blade, not a serrated one. Cheesecakes cut the most cleanly when you can simply press down with your knife, without having to “saw” with a serrated blade.


Run the knife under hot water (or dip it in a large cup of hot water) and wipe the blade dry. Immediately insert the tip of the blade at the center of your cheesecake and press the knife in and down. Wipe the blade clean on a paper towel if there are any pieces of cheesecake or crust on the blade, then transfer your slice to a plate. You should repeat the process of running the knife under hot water and wiping the blade dry before cutting each slice. 

" Cheesecakes take a lot of work but it sure is worth it!"

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