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When should I  place my order?

We do not like to rush clients into making hasty decisions and we encourage research. However, we cannot guarantee prices and availability before a slot is secured. Most clients book our services three weeks to a year before their event. We have been known, however, to stay up all night to complete last-minute orders.


How much are your cakes?

Our custom cakes are generally baked at 1 kilogram minimum in incremental weight of 500 grams, but we always try to present several possible variations and propose a few price tiers from which to select. Our minimum order is RM115. Final price will be determined your flavour of choice and complexity of design.


Can smaller cakes be ordered with customisation?

All cakes that are less than the minimum  1 kilogram will only be available in the usual standard design prepared for display or the ones available on Grab.  It takes the same amount of time to make a cake that is at four inch small and that at seven inch big. 


How to place my order?

Orders can be made through Whatsapps. Before sending us a message, make sure to have an idea of what you would like your cake to look like. Browse through our flavours and note that all fondant decorations or figurines will need denser and richer cakes. Light cream cakes can only support certain designs.

Order 3-4 weeks ahead to avoid disappointment. Every date is pre-booked by someone, so kindly inform the needed pick-up date without making changes. Mention your name, date, weight and flavour of preferred cake. ​Do allow 24 working hours for WhatsApp replies. Sometimes messages will be answered late while we are baking or decorating or there are high traffic chats.

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How to secure my order?

Once items and designs are finalised, total quote will be given. Kindly make deposit transfer to the given account to confirm your booking. ​Your details must be filled according to the given simple form. Failure to do either of the above will result in cancellation or un-booked slot. Slot is only secured once deposit has been made.

Kindly read our Policy before making your payment.




Figurines, flowers and toppers.

Learn all about our Decoration Charges.

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