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Mangkiu Bakes is best known for custom cakes and custom made gumpaste figurines individually hand-decorated by committed bakers.

Every day we make cakes, cupcakes and cookies in our little cake shop which is open all week except for Sundays and Mondays. Every product we make is baked fresh by our committed team. Each one is then hand-decorated by that same small gang of passionate individuals, dedicated to making sure you enjoy your cake visually and deliciously.

Mangkiu Bakes is best known for custom cakes and  custom made gumpaste figurines but we sell a selection of other bakes as well. Flavours change every day, so there's always something new. Our standard cakes runs from 250 grams up to 1 kilogram. Designer cakes starts at 1.5 kilograms and up and to be ordered earlier.

We bake your cakes fresh and decorate them accordingly. This is why we schedule for pre-orders and pick up times; enabling us to prioritise accordingly and make your cake the freshest it can be. Consultations or booking will be first processed via phone or WhatsApp and arrangements will be made afterwards.

We strive everyday to maintain the quality of our cakes and continuously improve ingredients and developing flavour combinations. However, most recipes calls for a lot of sugar especially those influenced by western chefs. Our cakes are all done with half the amount a recipe calls for and some may still find them quite sweet and to others, the opposite.

We are aware that the Asian palate prefers spongecakes or chiffons and  whipped soft cream but not all fondant decorations are able to hold on fresh cream cakes. Hence, the need for rich cakes. These are sturdier cakes and needs thawing as simply putting them outside will melt the exterior but they are filling even with a small slice if compared to spongecakes. 


Our clients have loved both, and will work towards finding a balance between fondant decorations, our rich cakes and our light cream cakes.

our story

Mangkiu Bakes was founded in the year 2013 by a young baker, Hazel. For the first two years, the business was running under its former name, Mangkiu Home Sweet Home and then was change officially to MANGKIU Bakes. Mangkiu originates from a kadazan family name, her grandfather's.

The business would run for three years from home until 2016 where a shop is opened in Kepayan and all operations moved there as base. However, Mangkiu Bakes yet again relocated in 2019 to a better. more accessible area.

Hazel has always observed her mum's baking and have occasionally taken orders during her school years. She took up a three-year course in Diploma in Pastry Arts and build up her business from there. 


"Each cake is a performance and soul of its creator - it's fondant and it's cake but everyone work tirelessly and dedicated their all to making a single cake. We want to enjoy the process and for our clients to love them."

Ice Cream Party

MANGKIU is a brand started in 2010 which originally operated as a jewellery crafting online store under MANGKIU Made With Love. Bakes was then made under the brand in 2013 to share yummy sugary treats to everyone else besides friends and family. The crafting business was then officially discontinued and all operations was directly focused on Bakes (also formerly known as Mangkiu Home Sweet Home).

Built from home and up by an average baker with great passion for artistic cakes, Hazel. 

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