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If you like the smell of cakes in the morning and the feeling of icing sugar slipping through your fingers, flying to your hair and would like to be considered, please complete the application form below. Successful applicants will be contacted with more information. Unfortunately because the number of inquiries we receive, we can only promise to reply to successful applicants.


Kindly note applicants must be able to master baking cakes before moving on to other things. Our team should consist of individuals who are not only good at decorating, but also baking and frosting. A staff member gets paid to do a job, but talent gets paid to do something that they absolutely love and in many cases they still can't get over the fact that someone will pay them to do what they love.

It is a  tough job in the kitchen and the culture is different from other places you would normally work for. We cannot deny that everyone works for money but if that is your only motivation, then this is not the place you can grow. Everyone has the potential to become talent, but not everyone wants to become talent. Some people are just happy with their lot in life by just being average. But our team should not be average. We're just not people who are content with being average.

We always give people at least four weeks to prove you can do the job at the capacity the current team has. We prefer to pick talent during the recruitment process because there's a lot work in converting someone, and we would much rather have someone who has been brought up the right way, who has the natural motives that are already in place, who has the ability to self-manage, who has the ability to self-lead, and who wants to be in an environment that brings out the best in them rather than someone who is only around just to clock in and clock out.


We offer one friendly, motivated and hard-working individual the chance to complete internship working alongside our bakery team. You'll learn all about baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes as well as general kitchen duties and other elements of working in a bakery.

Hours are TUE-SUN and although it is an unpaid role we offer a daily contribution towards expenses and of course there's usually cakes to take home.

Please note that our internship are now available to KK RESIDENTS ONLY. Applicants from outsde Sabah are currently not eligible for consideration.

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