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Why does my cheesecake stick to the knife and why is it crumbly?  

More about cheesecake cutting here: Cheesecake Cutting


Why is my cake hard and dry?

It is important to thaw butter-based cakes to enjoy it at its best. Let the cake sit out at room temperature for an hour or two before cutting, if it’s being refrigerated prior to service. The buttercream may be hard to cut through if it’s been chilled too firmly. Same goes with Nutella filled cakes or peanut butter cakes. Use a hot, wet knife to cut the cleanest slices!


My party is on Sunday, but I am picking up my cake on Saturday. Will my cake still be fresh?

Yes, we bake your cakes fresh. Depending on the flavor, cakes are freshest within 3 days of collecting and have a shelf life of 5 to 11 days. 


How do I bring home my cake safely?

Always carry your cake by its base. Make sure you don’t put pressure on the sides or top of the box, which could press against the cake and damage it. Make sure to put your cake on a flat surface in your car. We do not recommend placing your cake on the front or back seat!


Do not put your cake in the trunk of your car at any cost!


Turn on the air conditioning in your car and drive carefully. Especially if your cake is two tiers or larger. Sudden stops or turns could cause the cake to shift.



Why does my cake looks smaller than the given picture?

Please check the pricing chart for cakes sizes, and number of servings. Note that any cake you see can be made in either a larger or smaller version. Don't choose your cake style solely by the size you see in the picture. Rich cakes can be smaller than fresh cream cakes because they are denser. Although at the same weight as the other.



Can fondant cake be stored inside the fridge and take out for display? Will it melt? 

We don't store fondant cakes in the fridge because they will tend to sweat and become sticky as they come out of the fridge. But they can be placed in the chiller with no problem at all.



Why is the delivery cost high?

Please understand we cannot use motorcycles to send cakes. It has to be air-conditioned vehicle and flat surface. Also, it is not a one way trip. Our delivery team must make our way back to the workshop, so it is for a round way trip -- including deliveries to buildings that require parking fee and other charges. 

Our deliveries run from 12:30pm to 6pm. If you need it in the morning, please request delivery a day before.

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